Registration and Benefits

Registration and Benefits

Sign up with ArsValue: it is easy, fast and free. Registration allows you to have a tailor-made account, reflecting your interests.

Registration is completely free and will remain so over the time.

Auction results
You’ll have access to the entire database of auction results, without any restrictions.

Signing up is the first step to be able to bid online. Once your registration is completed, you’ll be able to place absentee bids and bid in live auctions. Through your ArsValue account, you can bid in several auctions held by several auction houses, without being forced to register on multiple sites and manage an account for each registration.

Bids history
All your bids, both past and current, and your purchases will be registered. Doing so you will always have access to your bidding history. You don't need an elephant memory, everything will always be at your fingertips.

By choosing your Favourites you will be able to build a customized page to search for the goods of your interest. You can add to your favorites: auction houses, lots, keywords and categories. Setting easy steps you have all the tools you need to stay up to date on the goods that interest you.

Do you want to keep in the loop? Sign up to our newsletter to receive information on forthcoming auctions or lots of your interest. Based on your choices, therefore nothing invasive, you will receive newsletters based on your needs.

You can always change
No choice will be final, you can always rethink and make different choices, adapting your MyArsValue to your needs of the moment.