Bid in the Auctions

Bid in the Auctions

Bidding with ArsValue is great! You can get your lots without leaving home. Start using ArsValue now and you’ll have access to a reliable and efficient provider for your online bids.

ArsValue is a free service.

Many auctions, a single account
With a single account, you can participate in the auctions of all the auction houses on ArsValue, without having to register on multiple sites and managing several accounts.

Absentee bids
You can place your bids from the moment the auction catalogue is on ArsValue until the auction starts. Once the auction starts, our system will automatically bid on your behalf.

Live bidding
Our bidding tool is easy and functional. Use the device you prefer and start bidding: auction room feeling directly where you like the most!

Audio-video streaming
Streaming for auctions only makes sense with no substantial delays. This is why we offer a top quality, punctual and efficient service to make you feel in the loop with the auction room.

Bid History
All your bids, both past and current, and your purchases will be registered. Doing so you will always have access to your bidding history. You don't need an elephant memory, everything will always be at your fingertips.

Auction with virtual auctioneer
Auctions with virtual auctioneer have the same functions as traditional auctions transmitted online by ArsValue. This means that the user can place absentee bids and bid live during the auction by performing the same steps and in the same way as traditional auctions.

The only difference to keep in mind is that the virtual system (virtual auctioneer) is fully automatic. In terms of absentee bids, nothing changes: they can be carried out on the site up to half an hour before the start of the auction and will be taken into consideration by the virtual auctioneer during the auction. The procedure is always the same with regards to live offers.

For your information, let us introduce you to how the virtual auctioneer works.

Each lot is auctioned for 30 seconds, within this timeframe each registered user of the auction can bid live on the lot. If bids are placed in the first 15 seconds, the time continues to run smoothly. Each time the offer is made in the 15 seconds preceding the award of the lot, the duration is extended by 15 seconds: this can happen several times as the mechanism replicates for each offer that is made within the last 15 seconds of time. The fair warning notice is activated 5 seconds before closure.