Lotto 19 | A fine architectural late hellenistic gold ring.<br><br>100 - 50 B.C.

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A fine architectural late hellenistic gold ring.<br><br>100 - 50 B.C.

A fine architectural late hellenistic gold ring.

100 - 50 B.C.

In two parts hinged together. Below, a hoop in dolphins-shaped; furnished with an oval setting underneath, in which is inserted a small circular convex emerald; the hoop’s shoulders set with small green glass beads. The upper part consists of an hexagon box-setting with a large faceted-garnet. The hoop is attached with the box-setting by two suspension holes. Nearly twenty other similar rings are known. Although the rings display variations in shape and details, all the examples are very close in style and technique. The quality of both the gold work and the stones themselves is very high. Garnet is the most popular stone of the Hellenistic period, but rings of this group are also set with amethyst, emeralds, and citrines.
Parallel: Marshall, F.H., Catalogue of the singer rings, British Museum, 1968, Pl.XXI, 843-844
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int diam 20x22 mm; high 34 mm; bezel 9x15x18 mm; 15,31 gr.

Provenance: private collection acquired in the english market.