Lotto 14 | An extraordinary greek gold filigree ring.<br><br>4th century B.C.

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An extraordinary greek gold filigree ring.<br><br>4th century B.C.

An extraordinary greek gold filigree ring.

4th century B.C.

The rounded hoop is made from a beaded wire soldered between two plain wires: the ends of the latter are bent round into decorative spiral at the shoulders. The box-setting in flower shape is decorated on the edge with an oves frieze in filigree. In the center, is a spherical flower head made of granules, the petals with beaded wires.
This typology is referring to the graeco-scythian productions discovered in the funerary tumuli of Kurgane in Ukrania and Crimea.
Parallels: Williams-ogden.J., greek gold, jewellery of the Classical world, p.233; Platz-Horster, G., antiken goldschmuck, Altes Museum, Berlin, 2001

int diam 19 mm; bezel 8x20 mm; 5,42 gr.

Former collection of General Alexandre Berthier Delagarde, formed before 1914 and spreaded between 1920-1925 (a part of his archaeological collection sold at the British Museum in 1923). Former collection of Colonel Ribatchenkoff, before 1950’s. Former private collection of Colonel R., 1950’s acquired from Colonel Ribatchenkoff. Private french collection.