From 16th to 19th century Old Masters

From 16th to 19th century Old Masters

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  • Battle scene
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    Francesco Simonini (Parma, 1686 - Venice, 1735)
    Battle scene
    Ink and watercolour on paper
    ext. 24.8x36.2 in., int. 15.7x27.3 in
    This mixed technique on paper is a fine example of a Venetian preparatory sketch by an important painter of battles from the early ei

  • Astronomer
    Lotto 2

    Giovanni Antonio Guardi (Vienna, 1699 - Venice, 1760)
    Oil on panel
    ext. 21.2x17.9 in., int. 15.7x11.2 in
    It is to Fogolari that we owe much of what we know about Giovanni Antonio Guardi. The registers of the patrician Giovanni Benedetto Giovannelli

  • Landscape
    Lotto 3

    Godfred Christensen (Copenhagen, 1845 - Copenhagen, 1928)
    Oil on canvas
    ext. 68.8x91.7 in., int. 53.9x76.3 in
    The direct study of reality, an intense but not analytical investigation of the landscape, appears when observing Godfred Christensen’s la

  • Cyrano and Rossana
    Lotto 4

    Karl Becker (Berlin, 1820- Berlin 1900)
    Cyrano and Rossana
    Oil on canvas
    ext. 74.8x65.3 in., int. 58.2x48 in
    The German painter Karl Becker received his formation in Germany under some of the leading exponents of the Nazarenes, Peter von Cornelius, and Heinrich Maria

  • Countryside view
    Lotto 5

    English School, 19th century
    Countryside view
    Oil on canvas
    est. 128x94, int. 113x79.5
    Throughout the eighteenth century and the beginning of the nineteenth, the genre of english landscape painting was divided into two strands: on the one hand, painters were eager t

  • The ambush, 1860
    Lotto 6

    Sebastiano De Albertis (Milan, 1828 - Milan, 1897)
    The ambush, 1860
    Oil on canvas
    ext. 33.8x39.3 in., int. 25.1x31.1 in
    This valuable painting almost seems to be a chronicle episode from the artist’s life. Lombard by birth and education, De Albertis took an active

  • Still life with grapes, peaches, figs, and carnations
    Lotto 7

    Gabriel De La Corte (Madrid, 1648 - Madrid, 1694)
    Still life with grapes, peaches, figs, and carnations
    Oil on canvas
    39.5x47.8 in
    Gabriel De La Corte is a fascinating painter of the late seventeenth century of whom little or nothing is known. The few contemporary sources that mention his life tell us

  • Young shepherd
    Lotto 8

    Bartolome' Esteban Murillo (Seville 1618 - Cadiz 1682)
    Young shepherd
    Oil on canvase
    xt. 47.2x65.7 in., int. 41.3x55.1 in
    The experience of contemporary colleagues of the painter influenced his style very much, but he also learnt the dark and soft tones of Veneti

  • Saint Jerome
    Lotto 9

    Matthias Stomer (Amersfoort, 1600 - Sicily, after 1650)
    Saint Jerome
    Oil on canvas
    42.5x35.8 in
    Matthias Stomer received his early artistic training from the master Gerrit van Honthorst, a member of the Utrecht School, together with the most famous Dutch painte

  • Battle scene
    Lotto 10

    Paul Bril, follower of (Antwerp, 1554 - Rome, 1626)
    Battle scene
    Oil on canvas
    59x35.4 in
    This painting depicts a wide bare valley flanked by green trees. Running towards the plain is a group of soldiers, not compact but scattered everywhere, slightly accentuat

  • Penitent Mary Magdalene
    Lotto 11

    Gabriel Franck (Antwerp, c. 1590 - Antwerp, 1639)
    Penitent Mary Magdalene
    Oil on copper
    21.6x15.7 in
    The rendering of the wooded landscape depicted to note the artist’s debt to the teachings of Paul Bril in the rendering of details such as the representation of the trees.

  • Battle
    Lotto 12

    Pieter Meulener (Antwerp, 1602 - 1654)
    Oil on canvas
    ext. 25.1x29.5 in., int. 18.1x26.1 in
    Pieter Meulener was a member of the Guild of St. Luke in Antwerp and was registered as a relative of another member of the Guild. From biographical informati

  • Still life with flowers and fruit
    Lotto 13

    Abraham Brueghel (Antwerp, 1631 - Naples, 1697)
    Still life with flowers and fruit
    Oil on canvas
    ext. 35.4x45.2 in., int. 28.3x37.9 in
    This very pleasing oil on canvas is firmly anchored in the Flemish still-life tradition: the meticulous analysis of details, the careful study of li

  • The antique dealer’s shop
    Lotto 14

    Balthasar van den Bossche (Antwerp, 1681 - Antwerp, 1715)
    The antique dealer’s shop
    Oil on canvas
    23.2x19.8 in
    The scene depicted in this painting is probably that of a discussion between artists about classical statuary during a visit to the studio of an antique dealer. At

  • Madonna with Child
    Lotto 15

    Antoon van Dyck, follower of
    Madonna with Child
    Oil on canvas
    ext. 64,5x52,7 in., int. 55,9x43,8 in
    This famous iconography is one of the three versions of the theme of Madonna and Child created by Antoon Van Dyck during his stay in Italy - between 1621 and 1625 - and

  • Still life with oysters
    Lotto 16

    Flemish Painter, 17th century
    Still life with oysters
    Oil on canvas
    ext. 22,4x25,5 in., int. 15,9x19,2 in
    This small oil on canvas by an unknown Flemish painter is an adequate representation of the great seventeenth-century Dutch still-life tradition. The taste of the bou

  • Pair of still lives
    Lotto 17

    Rachel Ruysch (The Hague, 1665 - The Hague, 1750)
    Pair of still lives
    Oil on canvas
    ext. 29,1x23,2 in., int. 17,7x24 in
    Rachel Ruysch is one of only three women protagonists of the Dutch Golden Century whose exceptionality deserves to be praised. When she was only thr

  • The denial of Peter
    Lotto 18

    Gerard Seghers (Antwerp, 1591 - Antwerp, 1651)
    The denial of Peter
    Oil on copper
    ext. 22,2x29,1 in., int. 16,1x23 in
    Except for the fact that the scene is not set in the open air, the moment described by the painter is precisely when the Apostle is recognised by a wom

  • Crucifixion
    Lotto 19

    Neapolitan School, 17th century
    Oil on canvas
    35,8x24,4 in
    The essentiality of this canvas, its cut, and its composition do not easily allow one to guess the author’s name. We can assume that it is a Neapolitan painter belonging to the first half o

  • Death of Abel
    Lotto 20

    Genoese School, 17th century
    Death of Abel
    Oil on canvas
    ext. 42,9x49,6 in., int. 40,1x42,5 in
    The Genoese visual experience of the early seventeenth century is closely linked to two key figures of the Italian and European Baroque: Peter Paul Rubens and Antoon V

  • View of Tivoli with figures
    Lotto 21

    Roman School, second half of 17th century
    View of Tivoli with figures
    Oil on canvas
    ext. 76,7x56,6 in., int. 67,3x47,2 in
    It is impossible to determine the name of the author of this landscape, but the unknown artist probably painted this view of Tivoli in Rome around 1675. T

  • The killing of Remus
    Lotto 22

    Andrea Appiani (Milan, 1754 - Milan 1817)
    The killing of Remus
    Tempera on paper
    ext. 22x29.7 in., int. 16.8x24.4 in
    This tempera on paper narrates one of the most significant events in the history of the foundation of Rome: the killing of Remus by his brother Romulus.

  • Still life with game
    Lotto 23

    Paul de Vos (Hulst, 1592 - Antwerp, 1678)
    Still life with game
    Oil on canvas
    ext. 54.7x70.4 in., int. 48.4x64.9 in
    The work of Paul de Vos is characterised by an extraordinary interpretative vein of the highly appreciated subject of hunting and still life with animals.

  • Pair of landscapes
    Lotto 24

    Antonio Diziani (Venice, 1737 - Venice, 1797)
    Pair of landscapes
    Oil on canvas
    ext. 37.7x32.2 in., int. 34.2x28.3 in
    In the second half of the eighteenth century, Venetian landscape painting reached very high qualitative peaks, thanks to painters such as Marco Ricci,

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From 16th to 19th century Old Masters


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